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Gun Store Near Ottawa

Hunting Gear & Gun Store
in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region

It isn’t difficult to find a hunting and gun store in Ottawa and Gatineau that offers hunting gear and equipment. But it is difficult to find one that offers a comprehensive collection of quality, medium to high-end products. Not to mention, one that has extremely knowledgeable and attentive staff with many years of experience. Since 1981, Boutique l’Archerot goes above and beyond to ensure that the right products get into the customer’s hands before they go on their hunt, whether it’s their first time hunting or their hundredth time in the field.

We usually have plenty of equipment and hunting gear in stock, but depending on a product’s popularity and the busyness of the season, there might be times when we run out. Looking for an out-of-stock crossbow or a newly released pistol? What about hard-to-find parts? Unlike some of our competitors, we’ll gladly put in a special order for you! Simply contact us or visit our store for more details.

From the latest and greatest innovations in hunting equipment to standard gear, we have developed a reputation for having an extensive collection of rifles, bows, scopes, accessories and much more.

Although our hunting and gun store services Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding areas, we are a proudly Canadian company that sells and delivers all across the nation!


Come Check-Out Our Hunting Gear and Gun Store near Ottawa

Discover all the categories of hunting gear and equipment we sell at our gun store in the Ottawa-Gatineau region:


Archery & hunting gear


You’ll be amazed at how many top quality bows, arrows and crossbows we have in stock!

Firearms - gun store near Ottawa


Rifles, shotguns, pistols, oh my! We are known for the diverse array of firearms that we carry.



A bullet may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but this tiny piece of metal is key in a successful hunt.


Optics for hunting


Let our scopes and optics give you a clear view of your goal.

Hunt & Accessories


Enhance your hunting experience with various items such as backpacks, knives, trail cameras and more!

Hunting Clothing


Hunting in comfort and style is just as important as using the right firearm and tools!


Stop by our gun store near Ottawa or call us for any questions regarding our hunting gear and equipment.
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