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Prime Shield Program G5

We developed an industry leading Warranty Service Program called The Shield Program. We know things happen, but when they do, you and your customer need fast, dependable, no hassle service. Below are the major points of the program:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty: Your Prime bow is covered
from any manufacturer defects on the riser, limbs,
cams, and cable guard system for the life of the bow to
the original owner.

• Lifetime Replacement of Strings and Cables: An
industry first, Prime owners are eligible for a free set of
strings and cables every two years for the life of the bow
to the original owner. The start of the 2 year duration
happens when the bow is registered.

• First of its kind, 100 Cycle Assurance Program: we
cycle every Prime bow 100 times so strings are stretched
and settled and there is no need for retuning after you
get the bow.

Our Mission: Provide the best consumer support before
and after the purchase

Thanks, we appreciate your support
- L'Archerot Prime Certified Team