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  • Shimano Shimano World Pop
  • Shimano Shimano World Pop

Shimano World Pop

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Introducing the Shimano World Pop 69F Popper: a game-changer in fishing with Boost Concept technology, innovative design, and Jet Boost efficiency for extended casting. Get ready for aggressive strikes and lifelike realism!

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Introducing the Shimano World Pop 69F Popper, the pioneering lure that integrates Shimano’s renowned Boost Concept technology, setting a new standard in its class. Engineered with cutting-edge innovations, this popper boasts a versatile design unparalleled in today’s market. Featuring a cupped mouth and the unique capability to be maneuvered with a walk-the-dog cadence, it generates substantial surface disturbance whether retrieved rapidly with continuous rod twitches or producing sizable pops with a sweep of the rod tip. Crafted with one-piece molded internal weights, the Jet Boost technology significantly enhances casting distance, optimizing your efficiency on the water with each cast.

Leveraging Flash Boost technology to produce a consistent flash resembling a wounded baitfish, this revolutionary concept incorporates a piece of foil suspended on micro springs within the lure, effectively reflecting light and flickering naturally, even during pauses. Provoking aggressive strikes from trophy-sized bass, the Shimano World Pop 69F Popper utilizes Scale Boost technology, featuring a lifelike composite-pitch hologram natural scale pattern for unparalleled realism, successfully deceiving even the most discerning predators.

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