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Why are Hunters Replacing Treestands with Hunting Saddles?

Why are Hunters Replacing Treestands with Hunting Saddles?

Discover a new horizon in the hunting landscape: Saddle Hunting. This innovative approach provides unparalleled comfort, superior stealth, enhanced shooting stability, and an easy access to gear that traditional treestands can't match. Uncover why more and more hunters are embracing this game-changing technique in our latest blog post.

Why Are Hunters Replacing Treestands with Hunting Saddles?

Hunting, a sport that intertwines nature, skill, and tradition, has continually evolved over time. Currently revolutionizing the hunting landscape is saddle hunting, offering advantages that traditional treestand hunting cannot match.


Unparalleled Comfort, Including Safe Rest

One of the main reasons hunters are turning to saddle hunting is the **exceptional comfort** it offers. Hunting saddles are designed to evenly distribute the hunter's weight across the seat and leg straps, reducing pressure points and fatigue during long hunts. Unlike treestands, which can become uncomfortable after prolonged use, a well-fitted saddle allows for a variety of positions. So much so that you can literally take a nap safely in it, a feat difficult to achieve in a treestand. This way, you can recharge during a long day of hunting without leaving your post.


Improved Shooting Stability

Saddle hunting also offers **improved shooting stability**. The three-point anchor system (two points from the lineman's belt and one from the safety rope) provides a solid platform, ensuring maximum stability during shooting, an advantage that treestands often do not offer.


Superior Stealth and Concealment

In terms of **stealth and concealment**, saddle hunting is a true revolution. Positioned against the trunk, your silhouette blends with the tree, making it more difficult for game to spot you. You're able to hide behind the tree at all times until shooting. Plus, the system operates silently. With less gear to creak or make noise, and the ability to silently pivot around the tree, you can maintain the element of surprise.


Cost Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance

Another significant advantage of saddle hunting is its **cost-efficiency**. Unlike treestands, you don't need to invest in and maintain multiple saddles. A single high-quality hunting saddle can be used in various hunting locations over the years, offering significant savings.


Easy Access to Equipment and Minimal Movement

Saddle hunting also offers a considerable advantage in terms of gear accessibility. With your equipment tied to the tree in front of you, all your essentials are easily accessible. This setup not only saves time but also minimizes unnecessary movements, reducing the chances of alerting nearby wildlife. The contrast to the often cumbersome process of retrieving gear in a treestand is stark.


Flexibility and Mobility

Saddle hunting offers **unparalleled mobility and versatility**. Light and compact, a hunting saddle allows you to traverse different terrains with ease. This mobility allows you to quickly change hunting locations, an advantage over static treestand spots.


Increased Safety and Environmental Consideration

With a saddle, you are securely attached to the tree at all times, reducing the risk of falls. Moreover, saddles are more **environmentally friendly**. They leave fewer traces in nature compared to treestands, allowing you to enjoy hunting while minimizing your environmental impact.


In conclusion, saddle hunting is more than just a trend - it's an evolution of hunting methodologies. With its comfort, stealth, stability, cost-efficiency, and environmental consideration, it's no surprise that more and more hunters are replacing their treestands.


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By Michel Petit



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